Friday, January 28, 2011

How candidates will improve their "price"

Business executives in New York coach Drilon said the tight job market, job seekers will probably pay less of the talk about weight, but does not mean you can compromise, the employer must offer a comprehensive accepted. To get the pay as high as possible without resulting in potential employers feel unhappy, and may wish to use the following recipe.
● make preliminary research
Teresa Delong said that in the past, to know your fellow colleagues and other industry revenue is still relatively difficult, but now there are many ways to the. and are based on job duties, work experience city and the corresponding salary range. Network may also be found on the you apply for that company announced pay status. weight loss and diets
● Do not Xiedi
Application form will ask you to give your exact requirements to pay. Teresa Delong's opinion is, try not to give exact figures. If you're starting price tag is too high, it may be unable to enter the next phase of the interview. Too low, employers will think that you can not do the job, or think you are very desperate for a job.
Arcana said, always insisted that if the interviewer is expected to pay you to say, do not give the number of identified, but given a plus or minus $ 15,000 range, low bottom line is that you can afford the high value of that you are satisfied with the pay level.
Decatur, Georgia, career planning coach Walter Saudi Qana that if during the interview process, he insists to know your current salary, then you tell him your "total compensation", the newspaper of your wages in full, benefits, bonuses and other compensation given to current employer. If the new company does not have similar benefits, then human resources manager in wages in these taken into account.
● Do not lie
Teresa Williams said, "For HR people, to verify whether you are self-reported salary is real easy, even though they will not necessarily do so." Even if you get the ultimate success of job opportunities, company When you conduct background checks will find that you pay false, you may lose the job on this, or at least make your new boss is very unhappy.
● Do not accept the first offer the other
Arcana said, most employers will expect candidates to bargain the first time out so they will reserve price has room to rise. If possible, arrange for a direct supervisor with direct your future interviews, rather than just talk to someone with the Human Resources Department to leave it out. Arcana said the direct supervisor is often easier to work.
Teresa Delong said that although the economic downturn will be affected to some extent wages, requiring each other out of the price tag on top of 10% is absolutely wrong.
Arcana said that if your future boss said that because of budget constraints, he could not give to you want to pay, it may be because the pay level is the Human Resources Department to "evaluation". Try asking if he could find the relevant personnel to re-assess pay levels, ask always wrong, big deal you say he answered, "No."

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Too fresh vegetables is also harmful to health

Most people like to put fresh oil (oil products) and green vegetables bought fresh and cooked food after taking advantage of that to do the dishes on human health (health food) useful. Can vegetables (vegetable food) to eat too fresh, will cause trouble. Had just picked vegetables, often with a variety of harmful substances. Now the production of crops, are a lot of use of fertilizers and other organic fertilizers, especially in order to control pests and diseases, often use a variety of pesticides, sometimes even a day or two before picking vegetables also to the use of chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides are often those harmful.
In fact, fresh does not necessarily mean more nutritious. Scientists found that most of the vegetables, the nutrients stored content after a week and just picked almost the same time, or even identical. According to the U.S., a food science professor found that tomatoes, potatoes and cauliflower through the week after the deposit, they contain vitamin C decreased, whereas cabbage, melon, green peppers and spinach stored after a week, its little vitamin C content change. After cold-storage of cabbage contains more than even fresh cabbage is rich in vitamins (vitamin food) C.
Therefore, we must not for a simple life in the pursuit of fresh vegetables, while ignoring the harmful substances which may exist. For proper storage of fresh vegetables for some time we should make the gradual decomposition of harmful substances remaining weakened after eating too late, and those who easily decay of vegetables, should also be washed several times after eating.

Eating more mango can prevent breast cancer

Mango is one of the familiar taste of fruit, many more like it very much. But few know that it's role in the nutrition and health. Research found that women eat mangoes, the role of the prevention of breast cancer.
Mango, it is generally know its antioxidant effect, but U.S. scientists have discovered, mango there certain types of prevention or inhibition of the role of colon and breast cancer.
Researchers of polyphenols in mango were studied, in particular bio-active ingredients tannins (and cancer prevention and inhibition). Tannic acid is a kind of polyphenol, with a bitter taste, grape seed and tea contain this ingredient. Study found that for polyphenols and cell cycle be broken. This may prevent or inhibit cancer cell mango a mechanism.
Study found that the polyphenol extracts of mango in the colon, breast, lung, leukemia and prostate cancer in the role. Mango on lung cancer, leukemia and prostate cancer have a certain effect, but the most common breast and colon cancer is very effective. Study found that the mango does not kill normal cells, it is estimated that there will not harm the body.

Three kinds of food we should not eat in the morning

Day the morn, we all know, is the beginning of the first day, then eat a good breakfast or not directly related to your health, we need to know that this is a very real problem, but to commit an error, or is not a rational approach of the ... ...
One. Bogey drink plenty of cold drinks: the temperature difference between the Assembly strongly stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, too, leading to sudden contracture.
II. Avoid fasting bananas: Bananas contain Zhumian potassium in addition, also contains large amounts of magnesium, if fasting food, the amount of magnesium in the blood would suddenly rise, and magnesium affect the heart function is one of the sensitive elements .
III. Avoid fasting eat pineapple: Pineapple contains strong enzymes, fasting eat and Shang Wei, its nutrients to be better after dinner can be absorbed.
Tip: Do not fasting early morning or eat garlic vinegar alone. Fasting vinegar alone will lead to too much stomach acid Shang Wei; and garlic will gastric mucosa, intestinal wall to cause irritation, causing stomach cramps. Know the early morning food taboos, should immediately act to find a solution for your stomach, where several recommendations, for your choice:

Almonds are nutritional "almighty king"

There is no doubt, nuts are an excellent nutrition "big get." They not only contain high quality plant protein, also rich in dietary fiber, phytonutrients and antioxidants. But though they are nuts, but they also have their own strengths nutrition. Recently, the United States, "Health fortress" site will be carried out all the nuts appraisal of nutrition, nutrition in this Competition, in the end who can win a chip it?
If the fear of gaining weight, you can choose the lowest calorie nuts - pistachio, each only 13 grams of fat and 162 kcal of energy.
Most of the nuts in the form of Omega 3 fatty acids α-linolenic acid, studies show it can effectively reduce LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure, but the content is not high, except walnuts. Walnut in very high α-linolenic acid, the second walnut far behind.
If looking for more than a dietary fiber snack, nuts is definitely a good choice. About 23 almonds contains 3.3 grams to make it easy for your daily fiber intake standards.

Nutrient unbalance becomes the fuse of cancer

High fat diet: Modern medical research shows that excessive intake of high fat, high-cholesterol diet can promote colon cancer and breast cancer. Epidemiological investigations show that high fat diet regions such as North America, Western Europe the incidence of colon cancer to high; diet low in fat, Asia and Africa, significantly lower incidence of colon cancer. There investigation shows that the incidence of breast cancer and animal fat intake, but not with vegetable fat intake had no significant relationship.
Lack of protein: animal studies show that high levels of dietary protein or supplements of certain amino acids, can inhibit animal tumors. Such as methyl benzyl nitrosamine induced esophageal cancer, esophageal cancer high protein animals latency. Well differentiated cancer cells. According to the research, the high incidence of esophageal cancer, it is the lack of protein in the diet are obvious, to cancer patients to eat more high protein foods can be made to enhance immunity, improve nutritional status, is conducive to the patient's recovery.
Vitamin deficiency: clinical practice shows that topical vitamin A acid to treat actinic keratosis, basal cell carcinoma; oral vitamin A acid treatment of bladder papillary disease. Healthy adults should consume daily international units of vitamin A3500 ~ 5000. According to the survey, cancer patients with blood vitamin C content of low-incidence areas for esophageal cancer is only 1 / 9 1 / 8. Vitamin C can inhibit methylbenzylamine and sodium nitrite synthesis of N-nitrosamines in the body, reducing the incidence of gastric cancer. Some foreign countries with large doses of vitamin C (30 to 50 grams per day) to treat advanced cancer patients. 8% ~ 10% of the patients experienced tumor regression phenomenon, see also extended survival. This requires that we should eat foods rich in vitamin C usually fresh vegetables and fruit. It has been observed, skin, mucous membrane tumors may be closely related with the lack of vitamin B2.

Eating too much bean curd will easily induced 5 kinds of diseases

Soy food has long been known as health care nutrition, whether it is soy milk or tofu, these foods popular, especially in large cities who now pay more attention to the daily care of the people, is like the morning to drink milk . High nutritional value of tofu, this can not be denied a tofu also contains fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Chinese medicine theory, tofu, sweet and cool, Rupi, stomach, large intestine, with Qi and in the fluid dryness, heat and toxic effect, can be used to treat red eyes, diabetes, sulfur solution, liquor and other drugs. However, eat tofu instead of adverse health.
Under normal circumstances, eat into the body through the metabolism of plant proteins, and finally most of a nitrogenous waste excreted by the kidneys. Old people, the kidneys decreased ability to excrete waste, at this time if not diet, eat lots of tofu, excessive intake of vegetable protein, bound to make the body produce more nitrogenous waste, increase the burden on the kidneys, the renal function further decline, is not conducive to good health.
Tofu contains very rich in protein, eating too much time not only hinder the body's absorption of iron and protein easily lead to indigestion, abdominal distention, diarrhea and other symptoms.
U.S. medical experts say is extremely rich in soy products contain methionine, methionine under the action of the enzyme can be converted to cysteine. Homocysteine may damage endothelial cells in the arterial wall, easy to make cholesterol and triglyceride deposition in the arterial wall to promote atherosclerosis.